21.03 upgrades for cloud ( Free & Shared ) has started

Hello Community,

We have started the upgrade process for our Free/Shared instances of Dgraph cloud. After which you would have access to different awesome features of 21.03 ( Rocket Release )

We are taking a phased approach to upgrade the existing instances to minimize the downtime and disruptions. We would be upgrading the selected instances from different regions one by one. Whether your instance is upgraded or not you can check in “settings” section of cloud UI.

We anticipate all the (free/shared) instances to be upgraded to 21.03 no later than 12th June 2021 (Revised Date).

Meanwhile we have disabled following flows in cloud UI to avoid the incompatibility and other issue during the transition. Future actions for relevant feature is mentioned below in brackets.

  1. Clone for free & shared backends ( It will be enabled after rework of the flow )
  2. CORS UI settings for free & shared backends ( How to update this setting meanwhile, info regarding this can be found here for 21.03 and here for 20.11 )
  3. Backups for free & shared backends ( It will be replaced with Export and enabled after rework)
  4. Schema modes for free & shared backends ( It has been updated to Flexible only going forward )

We would be taking care of all the migration of different aspects for enabling 21.03 for free and shared instances. As a user you would not have to make any changes.

Updates on expected downtime in regions can be found at : https://status.dgraph.io/


Shared backends won’t have automatic backups anymore? :frowning: Do I get this right?

@Robert_Kolodziej Current automated backup feature would be disabled but you would be able to use the new export functionality from UI to store the backup of any data you have.

I assume that cost-related issues led to that decision - but perhaps you could consider to bring this back as a paid feature at a later stage (like Jaeger or sharding in dedicated servers).

Just to clarify. We will be taking automated backups of all shared instances. But these instances are housed in a bigger multi tenanted Dgraph instance. So we don’t allow direct access to the backup.

In fact, this Dgraph instance would be 3x replicated for HA. Ergo, all shared instances would be HA by default post the move.

Ah ok, thanks for the explanation!

Any updated ETA on the upgrade for Shared instances? I’d really like to delete all this upsert boilerplate at some point :sweat_smile:

Edit: and just like that my instance upgraded, magic! Note to others: your UIDs will change during the upgrade.

That is good to know!! That should almost be marked a a breaking change since the application could be reliant on some “static” uids. We have a few hard codes so we don’t have to look them up every time ourselves

Happy Sunday, all! I hate to be the voice of impatience, but I’m blocked in development until this upgrade happens (I need subscriptions on custom GQL). Is there an update on ETA so we can plan? Are we hours, days or weeks away from this being complete?

@thor can provide more details in which region your current instance is and which type of account you currently have. It would help us in providing more accurate estimates

Thanks, @hardik. I’m on a shared instance in eu-central-1

@thor most of existing shared instances in eu-cent-1 has already been upgraded. Also any new free/shared instance in that region should also come up with 21.03 Dgraph Version. But If you are still seeing 20.11 then it might be due to some schema / data incompatibility issue we faced during migration. We will communicate the details with actions to be taken soon to you soon if that is the case.

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@hardik I doubt it’s my schema as it’s still quite simple except for the one test GQL query. Perhaps it’s because I only just upgraded to Shared from Free. In any case, thanks for the quick update on a weekend. I’ll continue waiting and refreshing until I see the update. Keep up the great work!

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Hi @thor, your instance should also be upgraded to 21.03. Let us know if you need any help.

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Thanks, indeed I’m all set now. Congrats to the team for getting this big release out.

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