About DGraph cluster


 I have setup 3 machine for DGraph Cluster. 
 Now I see one edge insert, every machine will receive the data. 
So my question is if I setup 10X machine, the speed of insertion could be 3X increase or even decrease?

Thank you.


Are you running with --replicas 3?

With 3 replicas on 3 machines, each write is replicated to all three machines. And if you are running more than 3 servers (say 9) then they form 3 groups and each group with 3X replication. The graph is sharded between these three groups and each write is replicated to 3 nodes within the group.

So to your question, you will see increase in speed of insertion when you run 10 servers as insertions are distributed to different groups. Also if you are using a client program to insert, you can write to a random node in the cluster this way the writes are not targeted to one node.


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