Auto fill from Explorer in Slash doesn't work well

When I saw the Explorer in Slash GraphQL, I was elated. As I would no longer have to type all the variables structure necessary to make a Query or Mutation work.

However, it failed.

Upon clicking “Extract the current value to GraphQL variable” button next to a key. It did it’s magic, however the mutation failed.

Screenshot from 2020-08-20 19-53-32

So I had to manually write it.

Thanks for this bug report. I’ll add this to our backlog, but I cannot provide a timeline for this bug. In your particular case, you could change the ($id: String) to ($id: String!) and I believe it should have worked.

We currently use GraphiQL explorer for this, so we’ll need to fix this upstream.

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Yup workaround is simple for the mandatory string.

But for array input, I am doing it manually.

Not a problem, it’s not a blocker.