AWS for persistance?

Is it possible to use AWS (S3?) for persistence without forking. Please forgive my ignorance but it appears there currently is, natively, only local, disk based persistence. Editorial: really nice work here! Just incredible what you have done in such a short time.

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Persistence is always directly to a filesystem. So if you wanted to persist to s3, you’d have to mount your s3 bucket and set up the dgraph data dirs to read/write to where the bucket is mounted.

@Gcolclough: It might be better to do backups to S3, as opposed to live writes to S3. I suspect live writes to S3 would be super slow.

You read my mind! Agreed on S3 not being useful for realtime load here. I’m just digging into the code a bit and am very reluctant to fork for my own use. Let me mull over something that is hopefully better than a hack and if it is not embarrassing I’ll share what I come up with. Really nice work here gentlemen. I appreciate your hard work!

Thanks for your kind remarks!

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