Can I pass in strings for mutate?

For development using python, objects must be passed in during mutate. Can I pass in strings for mutate?

Didn’t get you. Can you please elaborate what you are trying to do.

txn.mutate(set_obj=p) ,the parameter of mutate is an object, is there a way to pass in a string? I feel that strings are more flexible

I don’t think there is a direct way to achieve this. Internally, the object is converted to utf-8 encoding. It is done here. I agree that strings are more flexible, but it will also bring in quite a lot of rigidity on how it can be used. You’ll have to somehow specify if this is a delete mutation or set mutation. A quick hack to fit your need would be to modify this function and replace json.dumps(set_obj).encode('utf8') with set_obj.encode('utf8').

By the way, can we get to know, why string argument would be better to have?