Can I seek database entries based off a particular index?

For example I have a Badger db with 5 entries

Key | Value
Vin | 2
Tim | 3
Jim | 4
Jon | 1

Is there a way to query the database in such a way that I skip the first 2 entries.
I am certain that I can use the seek function with Jim as a parameter and iterate the list from there on like it says in the documentation,

for example

prefix := byte(“Jim”)
for it.Seek(prefix); it.ValidForPrefix(prefix); it.Next()

but is there a way to skip 2 values and seek the database by using something such as
it := txn.NewIterator(opts) + 2
Or do we always need the key to seek the database, Is there a way to play around with the iterator and move it 2 steps forward?