Cannot use badger in Disk-less mode with Dir or ValueDir set - --badger 'inmemory=true;' InMemory:true is broken in 21.03

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This is the latest 21.03 image available on dockerhub.

Steps to reproduce the issue (command/config used to run Dgraph).

dgraph alpha --badger 'inmemory=true;' <etc>

Expected behaviour and actual result.

InMemory:true is properly passed to Badger, but according to the logs, it appears that conflicting options Dir and ValueDir are added in, causing a fatal error. The following are relevant parts of the logs:

See here that Dir and ValueDir appropriately have no value and InMemory:true

I0529 14:36:11.508036      20 run.go:757] x.WorkerConfig: 
Badger:{Dir: ValueDir: SyncWrites:false NumVersionsToKeep:1 ReadOnly:false Logger:0xc000134d70 Compression:1 InMemory:true

but a few logs afterward, see that Dir and ValueDir now have values, which conflict with InMemory:true

 I0529 14:36:11.509973      20 server_state.go:140] Opening postings BadgerDB with options: {Dir:p ValueDir:p SyncWrites:false NumVersionsToKeep:2147483647 ReadOnly:false Logger:0x33f30c0 Compression:1 InMemory:true
[Sentry] 2021/05/29 14:36:11 Sending fatal event [629a2482fa3f4e48a81988a01bde13e6] to project: 5208688
2021/05/29 14:36:11 Cannot use badger in Disk-less mode with Dir or ValueDir set