Computing cocitations

I have a general question. I have a database of academic papers and citations to them from other papers. I want to find papers related to a given paper via co-citations (Co-citation - Wikipedia).

As an example, let’s say I have paper A with incoming citations from papers B, C, and D. And, let’s say that papers B and C cite paper E. Then papers A and E have a co-citation similarity measure of 2 because papers A and E both have two citing papers in common (B and C).

How can I approach computing co-citations with dgraph? In an SQL world I’d fetch all the citations to A and then iterate through those citing papers, do more SQL queries to get the citations from the citing papers and thus find other papers that are cited by papers that cite the paper of interest.

I’m trying to wrap my head around how to think of this in a graph db model. Thanks!

Hi @slnm
I think variable propagation might be a good option to try. Please review the example provided here.

Outstanding! Thanks so much!