Dgraph Community Call on Aug 13, 2020

Answering some questions here

This would be part of 20.07.1 release that goes out this month.

I can’t give you a clear ETA on this yet, but we’ll try to get it done in time for the 20.11.0 release.

A PR is up with the fix. It needs a bit more testing and should be ready to merge early next week.

We haven’t started working on this yet but will prioritize it. @vvbalaji

From the docs about Authorization at https://graphql.dgraph.io/doc/authorization/

Dgraph GraphQL deals with authorization, but is completely flexible about how your app does authentication. You could authenticate your users with a cloud service like OneGraph or Auth0, use some social sign in options, or write bespoke code. The connection between Dgraph and your authentication mechanism is a signed JWT - you tell Dgraph, for example, the public key of the JWT signer and Dgraph trusts JWTs signed by the corresponding private key.

Here is an end to end example where we show you can authenticate a user using Auth0 and use the JWT obtained there to do Authorization within Dgraph. https://graphql.dgraph.io/tutorials/todo-app-tutorial/todo-auth0-jwt/

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Yep I saw the documentation.

However I don’t want to use AuthO so I didn’t follow along. Maybe I’ll do it later if I don’t have a choice.

I put my request here, hoping to see a live demo. Maybe get some pointers on Firebase auth.

P.S. Even though I am good at following through documentation, with videos it’s much faster to orient myself and get a birds eye view of a concept faster!

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Hi Dgraph Team, one question on GraphQL+ ; What are the current capabilities/future directions around control-flows, looping, turing completeness for the query language?

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Kind of a meta question: I see that GitHub issues were retired recently and I’m curious to know what your experience with that has been. Pros? Cons?

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Here’s the discussion around the facets format change: Facets format in mutation requests and query responses - #8 by ppp225

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Ketan P from the call asked about us to create a comparison between Dgraph and Redis Graph. More product comparisons are in the pipeline, and we can include Redis next. But for now, you can see the other comparisons here: Comparison | Dgraph

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How can I check admin related stuffs like number of alive connections connected to Dgraph? and what are the prerequisite before starting dgraph like numa, thp should be enabled or not?

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Cast your vote on the new name of GraphQL±: [Poll] Rename GraphQL+-?

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@gja with Slash now being its separate controlled version of Dgraph and not master, but it’s own branch as it is currently on GitHub - dgraph-io/dgraph at release/v20.07-slash, can Slash get it’s own branch to keep track of what version it is on and what has been fixed and what is still outstanding as PRs

So a branch that gets updated and pulled into like maybe a slash branch that v20.07 would be pulled into instead of creating a new v20.07.1-slash and v20.11-slash, etc.

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Hi @dan_zf Here are some best practices for streaming into Dgraph.