Dgraph Core Values - v20.05.31

1. Be Open Source.

We are an open source company, first and foremost. Embrace that in every decision.

Not only write open source software, but be open source in your actions. Being open source is being honest, transparent and humble, even when you messed up.

Being open source is being open-minded and assertive. If you have disagreements, do voice them out. Group-think (people not asserting independent views) and solo-think (people being unreceptive to the thoughts of others) are both dangerous.

2. Create an incredible user experience.

Provide the best user experience. Put yourself in users’ shoes and understand their pain points. Pay attention to competitors, but focus on users.

Prioritize bugs over features, because when you fix a bug you get to keep a user. Don’t sell to the user. Help them solve their problems and revenue will follow.

3. Simplify obsessively. Deliver quickly.

Obsessively simplify your approach to solving the problem. Make the minimum changes needed to achieve the desired outcome. Having simplified it, deliver a quality solution quickly and consistently.

Simplification leads to elimination. Be clear about what your solution won’t do. Be willing to reduce coverage to achieve higher quality.

Delivering quickly also means that the first initial delivery might not be perfect. In fact, if you’re not embarrassed by your first delivery, you launched too late.

4. Collaborate and Iterate. Experiment and Evolve.

Having delivered quickly, improve by frequent iteration.

No task is fully defined. Be resourceful and collaborative in figuring it out. Put your best effort in producing good work, but don’t assume that it is good enough. Then get it reviewed by others because they can find things you don’t see. Iterate constantly upon your work to incorporate feedback and improve it.

Always be curious and willing to take risks. Leadership, good ideas and bad ideas can come from anywhere. Use experimentation to evolve your understanding of the problem, even if that contradicts your earlier understanding and solution. Make data backed decisions and review outcomes objectively.

5. Action over Talk. Logic over feelings.

Talk about actionable solutions. Everything else should be written down. Never end a discussion without clarifying the next action items.

Avoid monologues. Give others time to comprehend and ask questions.

Beware of Bike Shedding. Respectfully challenge a decision when you disagree. Do not compromise for the sake of social cohesion. But, once a decision is made, commit to it.

In your arguments, be respectful and logical. But, don’t sugar coat it.

I don’t think your idea will work, because of X Y and Z. Then focus on X, Y and Z.
This is a stupid idea. (Demeaning)
That’s a good idea. Maybe. (Patronizing)