Dgraph Labs - Global Employee Referral Program (ERP) Policy

Hello Dgraph Talent Ambassadors,

As you all know, we are expanding and recruiting Top talent for Dgraph. To this effect, we are in constant need for talented people like you!! You might know awesome folks in your network, who might fit to open positions we are recruiting for and hence want to engage you in our recruiting process.

You are requested to refer people in your network (friends, ex-colleagues) by submitting their resumes on Lever and earn great rewards

Dgraph Labs Global Employee Referral Program

The Dgraph Labs Global Employee Referral Program (ERP) is an incentive program designed to encourage Dgraph Labs Employees (“Referring Employee”) to recommend qualified friends, relatives, ex-colleagues (prior to Dgraph Labs), or people from their network to Dgraph Labs, for employment, subject to the requirements of the policy.

Referral rewards (subject to tax deduction) will be processed in the monthly payroll cycle following the successful completion of 90 calendar days at Dgraph by the candidate referred.

Employee Referral Rewards:

  • USA : Flat payout of $ 4000 for each successful referral for all roles
  • India : Flat payout of ​₹​ 1.5 Lakhs for each successful referral for all roles
  • India New College Grad’s (0-12 months exp.) : Amazon gift voucher worth ​₹​ 20,000 for each successful referral


All Dgraph Labs Full-time employees are eligible to participate in the Employee Referral Program and must submit their referrals in Lever directly to be eligible for a referral bonus when their referred candidate is hired successfully. Please refer to the guidelines below for more information.


  • Employee referrals are for Full time employment hires only; Contractor & Intern referrals are not eligible for referral payouts
  • HR Team, Recruiting Team, Management, Employees with designations Director and above & Hiring Managers are not eligible for Referral bonus
  • Referrals are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of submission in Lever
  • Referrals cannot be prior candidates referred or contacted within the past 12 months
  • Former Dgraph Labs employees who are rehired by the company will NOT be considered for the ERP
  • Referrals submitted outside of the Lever system (Ex: e-mails, WhatsApp and any other channels, etc.,) are not eligible for the ERP
  • The referrer should be actively employed (not serving notice period) with Dgraph Labs to be eligible to receive the referral payment at the time of payout
  • The referred employee must be actively employed for 90 days with Dgraph Labs at the time of payout

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