Dgraph on Stackpath?

I’m wondering if Dgraph can be run on Stackpath as they have support for running Docker images within containers https://www.stackpath.com/products/containers They also support adding persistant storage… so i’m thinking this can be done?

Stackpath also supports DNS Discovery too… so you could setup HA clusters within regions :slight_smile: https://blog.stackpath.com/dns-discovery-edge-compute

Stackpath is great because it’s similar to Kubernetes, but alot easier to configure new instances, autoscale instances, etc… plus it integrates with the rest of the platform.

Would love is one of the core developers of Dgraph could test with Stackpath (whenever anyone has some free time) and let me know if Stackpath is a viable solution? I haven’t really played around with the docker image very much, so not sure what i’m doing :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried running the dgraph/dgraph:latest image but I think it crashes the instance or something… :thinking:

Hi. @dereksfoster99 or @omar do you know the answer to the above re stackpath?

@dmitry do you have an error message?