Dgraph query failed because Dgraph execution failed because : context deadline exceeded,

Keep getting this error is this something to do with our account or a dgraph cloud issue

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I was hoping that someone had more information about this issue. We are using Dgraph cloud on the share instance and I am guessing this is the latest version.

I have read some previous community chats with similar issues and was hoping it’s not linked to being on the shared instance.

Or do you believe that the queue on the server is too high?

Is there any way to get logs from the server to see what is causing the issue?

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I keep having this issue as well. It started happening a couple of days ago. We are also in shared, eu-central-1 aws

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Thanks for the patience! We are actively investigating this and should have an action plan soon. In the meantime, please let us know if the issue is seen on any cloud backends that are not in our shared eu-central-1 cluster.

Thanks Rahul,

No it was just happening on the eu-central-1 shared instance.


Yep is the eu-central-1 also for us, and still happening

Still going on, west2 @rarvikar

I’m having this isuue on September 19 of 2022. I just subscribed to the share instance plan and I’m about to go live in a few days!

There is still not a solution for this ?
Something we can do ?

Are you guys having this issue since July and still having it ?

I also started facing the same issue on eu-central since yesterday on the Shared instance (Sep 19 of 2022)

Any solution coming ? should we move to another server region?

@Konarium I contacted support and the advice was upgrade to a dedicated instance or just delete the backend and create a new backend on a region in which this don’t happen such as us-east, so that’s what I did, I created 2 my backends on east-1

Thanks for sharing the response, I’m going to do the same I guess. I will migrate all the schemas, data & lambdas to the new region.

To dgraph team: Please help with this situation, If it’s server is under heavy load, it’s better not show as selectable when people create new backends to reduce the impact of people who are using this on their production applications.