Dgraph Reading and Wellness Perk

Dgraph Reading and Wellness Perk

  1. This benefit would be up to 2,000 USD in a financial year to cover wellness perks for all full time employees at Dgraph.

  2. This benefit will support physical and mental wellness of the employees by covering perks like:

  • Reading - any books/Kindle purchase/Audible subscriptions
  • Gym equipment/Gym membership/Yoga classes and the like
  • Self development courses/Online learning courses like Coursera/Language courses
  • Participation in conferences
  • Hobbies - Dance/Music/Art classes or Instrument/Tool purchases
  • Counselling/Therapist expenses/Meditation apps
  1. In light of Covid - we will extend this perk to also cover for a comfortable home office setup. This includes table, chair, monitor, external keyboard/mouse/headset.

  2. The benefit specifically excludes laptops, smartphones, video game consoles, home theater systems, smart homes, iPads/tablets.

  3. The benefit will be accrued monthly. Employees can reimburse the spends as per their accrual for the year. Unutilized benefits will not be paid out on resignation or during notice period.

Exceptions to this can be made for freshers (basis manager approval) specifically for home office setup. If however they resign in 6 months, the unaccrued benefit amount would need to be repaid to the company.

  1. Some of these benefits will be taxable depending on the tax laws of your country.
    As wise men have said - “Nothing is certain except for death and taxes.”

  2. For full time employees - internet charges will be reimbursed separately as per actuals (capped to a maximum of 100 USD per month).




You guys are getting reimbursed!

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