Dgraph World Domination!

IMO Dgraph is the best database in the world today, & I have an idea that if possible = world domination… literally!

Cloudflare has this offering called Cloudflare Workers which is Serverless + instead of our code being pushed to 1 region, it’s pushed to each of Cloudflare’s 200+ regions around the globe, they call this The Edge (b/c we’re pushing our code right next to end users)!

Cloudflare Workers may be written in Web Assembly & Go may be converted to Web Assembly & Dgraph is written in Go, so what if Dgraph was converted to WebAssembly + deployed around the globe + on the Edge!

Sweetest thing ever right?! :v: Possible please?! :star_struck:


Thank you Chris for the suggestion and being a Dgraph champion.

May I request you to open a Github Issue https://github.com/dgraph-io/dgraph/issues/new?template=feature_request.md ?

Our PMs will act appropriately for this Feature request.

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Hi @chris-carrington,

Thanks for the cool suggestion. That is a pretty awesome idea. However, this may not be too feasible since badger (the KV store that dgraph uses) is pretty tied to file system semantics, and might not work too well in a serverless environment, but never say never :-).

In the meanwhile, i don’t know if you saw my response to your other thread. We are coming out with a pretty cool solution for a managed GraphQL solution, which should be able to act as a primary data store for your cloudflare worker.

Also, as a shameless plug, if you are looking for a great an easy way to get started with CF Workers, you might find this project of mine helpful: GitHub - gja/create-cloudflare-worker: A starter kit for building a Cloudflare Worker


Thank you Paras! I submitted a feature request! Thank you for directing me on the right path!

Thank you Tejas! Your GitHub link is perfect! Thank you for showing us how to test a Cloudflare Worker! And thank you for the heads up about the upcoming GraphQL solution, I’m very interested & I will reach out to you about this now!

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