Difference between docker tagged v21.03 and v21.03-slash

Hey, I have a question about the docker containers that are tagged with VERSION or VERSION-slash.

I’m just using the dgraph dockers for local development to teach myself, etc. So I have zero and alpha set up in a docker compose. But I’m confused about which docker container to use. What’s the difference between the two?

Thanks in advance!

If you’re running locally, then use the tagged releases like v21.03.1. That tag doesn’t change and follows our official releases.

The image for the v21.03-slash tag can change at any time and generally follows the release running in Dgraph Cloud.


@dmai how come there is a v21.09-slash but no v21.09.x tag?

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The next release will be out soon. The version will be v21.12.


@dmai Is this crash fixed? Key not Found Error - #36 by Dave_Aitel