[Doc] JSON DQL mutation for GraphQL Schema requires clarification

Thanks for the passion :slight_smile:
We will eventually separate the logic from the schema.

In case you have not noticed it, the message board tutorial (now at Message Board in React - Learn) has a nice approach to work around the burden introduced by the @auh rules. It is using a schema with placeholders such as

update: { rule: "<<is-your-account>>" }

and has all the DQL for the rules in separate files.
The deploy script is doing the replacement of the placeholders with the DQL code.

it could also have the benefit of managing who can change the auth rules at the source control level and let the CI/CD do the job of deploying the complete schema.

Curious to learn if you have used such an approach yourself or came up with innovative solutions. …


Here is what I already posted about this same thing. Verneleem was my alias too

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