Does dgraph embedded will come back?

I am trying to pick graph database for a small project, so far I am trying to evaluate this

  • Cayley
  • DGraph
  • Orientdb
  • Arangodb

At the moment I am playing with Cayley, actually I already played with DGraph, but somewhat get discourage about the lack of user auth, but @mrjn say on this post it is already in the plan.

For now, I dont want to commit on Cayley, but does the DGraph embedded will comeback?
I did browse the repo few minutes ago, then found 3 closed issue about this feature that has been added to a labels 14 days ago. especially this one #673 the label feature was added last March 22.

I just want to confirm if it will comeback?


If you use k8s, you can “fix” user auth by an nginx proxy with authentication that routes to a headless service for dgraph server. That is the solution we’re going to use the short term.

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We don’t have any plans to bring Dgraph embedded back. You could use the password type in Dgraph to implement auth.

hmmm let me check it