Does the Upsert block make a node a free node

I used the upsert block to modify the data of the child nodes and found that it created new nodes and the old nodes became stray nodes.

What do you mean with stray node? duplicates?

Well, Upsert Block only will create duplicate if you use it wrongly. If you have a typo, a wrong query relation and so on. The Upsert Block alone can’t do nothing.

I want to change the data of the ‘data‘ node in the figure above。In fact, the relationship between the ‘data’ node and the parent node is broken, and a new ‘data’ node is created for the antiy node

I think “free” here means disconnected?

Your figure don’t help much. Please provide a complete example of your issue. If you provide in pure DQL instead of an example with a client, the best.

This for sure comes from a typo or a misuse of the upsert block.

Oh, it’s my fault. I deleted it somewhere else. Thanks.

After deleting the node, leave a UID. Can I delete it?

No, UID is a fixed thing. Once it is allocated, you can’t remove the UID it self. It is like a metric ruler, you can’t erase the numbers for any reason. I suggest that you mark the nodes deleted as “deleted” and use them later for other internal propose of you application. You can use upsert block to reuse them.

OK, thank you very much