Emmanuel Odeke - Finding a Needle in Haystacks and Chaotic Systems!

Finding a Needle in Haystacks and Chaotic Systems!

Building high performance systems can either be made or broken by the lack of high quality and proactive tools. Unfortunately, even today in the age of cloud computing, we still suffer from issues related to lack of good observability to determine the internal states; our tools require very expensive and highly skilled engineers, yet the available tools still have a high cognitive overload and aren’t proactive. In this talk, I’ll show how to find needles in haystacks in common scenarios that you’ve most definitely encountered, but perhaps hadn’t been able to successfully debug without the right tools, or perhaps hadn’t noticed!

About Emmanuel

Emmanuel is an avid open source produced/consumer focused on building high performance systems, and developer productivity. He is a core contributor to the Go programming language, across diverse aspects of the project. He enjoys learning, enjoys simplicity, and solving problems!

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