Facets in GraphQL

I have kind of been thinking in the interim, we could do something like that with one caveat:

type Movie {
  title: String!
  year: Int!
  ratings: [Rating]

type User {
  userId: ID!
  name: String!
  ratings: [Rating]

type Rating {
  id: String! @id
  user: User! @hasInverse(field: ratings)
  movie: Movie! @hasInverse(field: ratings)
  rating: Float!
  createdAt: DateTime

Basically, when we would create a rating, we would create the id as user_movie forcing a unique (composite) identifier based on the relationship.

This may even be better than using facets. I am wondering if there is even a speed difference between a facet and a new type, considering it is all stored as a triple in the database anyway.