Feature Request: make our discord server please official to make it more alive and spread better word about dgraph across reddit

disclaimer: discord will just be a community space. NOT a space for support issues or something else. we will ALWAYS forward people to the discuss.dgraph.io forum if the things are relevant enough! and we will tell the people at the greeting that the discord is NOT a support platform. just an exchange hobby platform

we have to make as much people as possible fall in love with dgraph!

Hi, please make the discord official, so that we can build up a big community that evangelizes dgraph and preaches dgraph across reddit stackoverflow github and everywhere else! I am a HUGEEE fan of dgraph and I will use it now for EVERYTHING; but I found dgraph ONLY! because someone on reddit told me ‘hey try out dgraph i think this is what you search’ and maaaaan he was right. without him i wouldnt be here now, because dgraph is unfortunately kind of unknown

in dgraph i trust in dgraph i believe; we need to gain more community followers to expand dgraph across the world. because for real: dgraph is AMAZING, in germany we say “it’s too awesome to be real” if something is EXTREMELY awesome! drgaph has consistency it has fulltext search it has horizontally scaling, man that’s the greatest thing that happened to my life this year

Discord is something else than slack!

I agree that shutting down slack was the right choice. I’ve personally never liked slack in a community way. slack is good & cool for intern company things for intern discussions intern company things intern employee things if you have a pizzaria or a SaaS etc (because who uses e-mails nowadays?? whatsapp is also bad too because we dont want to melt personal stuff with job stuff)

but slack was never a community thing, nobody thinks ‘hmm i have some free time, gonna open slack & chill now’ - but we do with discord!

Discord is an online tool to meet with friends and community virtually. It’s far more than a chat app like slack or whatsapp or telegram

Discord unites us dgraph fans, here we have a home and can talk to each other and get to know each other. These are things we don’t have on the discourse forum

the discourse forum is for asking difficult questions problems and so on. so that other people who have the same problem one day, just google the problem, and will find that respective post. because in slack telegram whatsapp: knowledge is lost.

Discord is not a primary place for knowledge discourse. discord is a place to hang out

and hanging out also means that noob beginners like me can ask there their short dumb noob questions (i’ve already spammed this dgraph forum with 99999 noob questions. i think i am annoying. i dont want to annoy anyone. since i’ve joined that discord, I stopped asking dumb things here. I only ask here dumb things, that I might think other people ask too, so that they will find my post when they gonna google it.

and other senior dgraph users can explain there in a non-formal quick chatty way my lack of understanding

we need a bigger dgraph community to increase dgraph cloud users, make developers feel privately comfortable with it, and embracing and suggesting it at their company. this is what cloudflare did too!!

  1. Customer Referrals: some of our most powerful advocates are free customers who then “take CloudFlare to work.” Many of our largest customers came because a critical employee of theirs fell in love with the free version of our service.

dgraph already is basically free since it’s also open source!! so we have to spread dgraph, so senior devs will use it privately, and then convince their company to use it on enterprise level! this means more cashflow for the dgraph team, this also means more VC investing, and this means more money for more engineers, and this means you current dgraph devs can relaxe more and dont have to overwork burnout yourself anymore for us. we want to support you!! lets build a GIGA BIG community and spread dgraph everywhere!!!

  1. Employee Referrals: we need to hire some of the smartest engineers in the world. Most enterprise SaaS companies have to hire recruiters and spend significant resources on hiring. We don’t but get a constant stream of great candidates, most of whom are also CloudFlare users. In 2015, our employment acceptance rate was 1.6%, on par with some of the largest consumer Internet companies.

BTW everyone nowadays has discord opened 247 (because of gaming university friendsdiscord and so on, so we will be automatically more active on dgraph and get also more involved in the discourse forum since we get notifications news and stuff