Feature Request: Update After @auth Validation

@mrjn - Thank you for taking the time to look into this.

Yes, that is the same solution that has been proposed at the beginning of this post… just having a post-update rule separately. I can understand how there could be breaking changes otherwise. Creating this post-update auth rule would definitely fix this problem.

However if you guys want to point to lambdas to solve every single security problem this would not cover, you need to also create pre-hooks as you originally said you were. The only other way to solve problems is to use @custom mutation, which renders the original GraphQL Type pointless. This would pretty much cover all bases, as security is a must.

Again, thank you for looking into this.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I think I can speak for all of your forum users by asking that you update your 2021 Product Roadmap so we understand what you guys are actually working on. We understand staff and time are limited, and we understand you can’t read every post. We don’t understand when there is absolutely no communication about the future of Dgraph (at least on the forums). No one wants to invest time in something that may not be a good product in the future. I also suspect it will make @MichelDiz’s job easier. This is by far, the most frustrating problem we have.