Filtering between min and max properties

This may be an easy one, but I can’t figure it out. We have nodes with a min and max property, ex:


If the number of cars falls between min and max we want to return the value for that node. I can’t seem to figure out a way for a filter to work.

A few things we’ve tried:

q(func: type(Car)) @filter(ge(Cars.min, 5) AND le(Cars.max, 5)) {

If the values for Car are min: 4/max: 10 the filter won’t return any results because 4 is not ge 5.

We also saw between, but that only seems to work with one predicate and not the other way around and only works with dates (I think lol).

We could store an array for the number of cars and then a value, but the number of cars can be large <10,000 so that feels inefficient.

This is connected to another property and we use that value in a calculation from the parent property so these nodes need to be separate, we can’t incorporate the cars value in the parent node.

Any ideas?

Welp I apologize. I was looking at the filter backwards. Switching ge and le works correctly.