GitHub issues are deprecated

Hey all,

Please note that GitHub issues are now deprecated. It is replaced by Discuss Issues.

I’ve ported issues over from almost all public repositories except Badger and Dgraph here. I’ve also set up GitHub Actions to auto-close any new issues (currently on Dgraph and Badger, but we’ll expand to other repositories).

The rationale for this decision is that many GitHub issues are quite conversational and open ended. They are more like discussions, with no clear done state. We can’t just close them on GitHub because that causes upset among the OPs. This leads to too many unactionable open issues.

Moreover, the conversational nature of these issues is better suited to this platform. Therefore, we decided to deprecate GitHub issues. From now onwards, all new issues must be filed under Issues category. For any issues, which don’t have a clear done state, we might move them over to Users category, which is for general support and questions. Conversely, any actionable ideas from Users category can be moved to Issues category to put them in our backlog.

This would allow us to better handle our deliverables. For users who are concerned about getting updates, Discourse allows emails on topics created / watched by users. Please keep them enabled, so you can get the right notifications.

Manish and the Dgraph team.

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Did you consider In my opinion that would have been the correct solution, because moving existing issues and switching between two not-very-well-integrated sites are both non-ideal.

Edit: Sorry, I did not mean team discussions, I mean the new repo discussions feature which is in beta. I believe it’s going GA in pretty soon.

I think GitHub discussions has the same shortcomings as GitHub Issues. See:

We agree to disagree. Two of my bug reports got moved to a forum, so now I’m not sure if they are considered bugs or ideas that might be forgotten completely. A forum definitely seems like the wrong place to discuss a runtime panic in my mind.