How to create a unique node

New to DGraph, hoping this has a simple solution.

I want to create a unique node for an image label, which could be almost anything. So let’s say the label is ‘dog’, I want a node for ‘dog’, and I don’t want two of them. Any time I have an image with a dog in it I’ll draw an edge from the ‘dog’ node to that image, that way I can find related images very easily.

Right now the only approaches I can think of are the following:

  • XID - I can use the label as an XID to get a UID. This would be great if the ID was simple treated as a string, but it’s fingerprinted and so there is no way to avoid collisions, and I would like to start with a schema that won’t bite me later.
  • Single Master - If I make sure that there is only ever a single thing trying to create a node then I can check for it existing first, then create it. This is a bit annoying, although it does work, with the caveat that if I start from a fresh database I’ll get an error because the predicate I look for doesn’t exist, and there isn’t a way to check the error I get back other than a strings.Contains (or similar) and that’s not safe from future changes to dgraph’s error messages.

I feel like there must be a simpler approach, would love some pointers.


@runningwild: From next version xid won’t be fingerprinted. We assign an unique uid internally and store it.

The code is already merged in master. you can use without worrying about collisions.

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