How to read a Dgraph log? what is o.abort?

Is there any documentation on how to make use of these log messages? What do these numbers mean?

2018/08/23 16:22:16 oracle.go:76: purging below ts:26883, len(o.commits):171, len(o.aborts):281, len(o.rowCommit):3599

I noticed you also posted the same question on Slack. The response to your question from Slack is copied below:

mrjn [11:29 AM]
As long as purge is happening, things are moving forward. It’s a good thing. Too complex to explain what it means.

There’s no documentation per-se about those numbers, but you could get an idea by looking at the code that writes that log: dgraph/oracle.go at release/v1.0.7 · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub.