How to use expand(<sometype>) if some predicate of the type are [list]

Here is the data schema, I have define<adress> in <Person> type, but if <adress> is a list,
I can not use expand(<Person>) to show the address.

   type <Person>{

  <ex_id>: string @index(exact) .
  <address>: [string] .
  <name>: string @index(term) @lang .
  <sex>: string @lang .
    query(func: eq(ID, ”42“)) {

I can use the query above to get <ID>, <ex_id>, <sex>, ……
but <adress> can’t show it.

Curious, I can reproduce it. Can you fill up an issue?

where should I report this issue?

At Issues · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub - report there so the team can investigate it.

This same issue was filed earlier and has been closed. Cannot display list type data using expand function · Issue #4497 · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub The fix should be included in the next Dgraph release.