I attempted to launch a Dedicated Backend but it will not connect and Support Ticket submission keeps failing

Hello, I recently launched a new Dedicated backend because my previous Shared cluster stopped letting me successfully query from my other applications. When I launched the dedicated backend, the timer kept counting infinitely until I decided to refresh the page. Now I can access the Dashboard, but the backend will not connect. I can not do anything with the backend the way it is right now and I am already getting charged for it. I also tried to submit a support ticket, but it continuously failed. Can I get some help getting the backend connected?

The backend was launched using [email protected]

Hi Avery - I’ll reply to you with a message so we can learn more and fix this deployment issue. We did restart one of the provisioning services yesterday, so you might try again today, or worst case in a different region (every region has a different deployment orchestrator).

Separately, I will raise an issue for the support link not working.


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Hi Avery,
Thanks for all the patience with us !
You should be able to successfully create a new “Dedicated” backend in the GCP us-central1 region now. Can you please check and confirm the same for us ?