I want to make a Knowledge Graph like freebase. Virtuoso VS Dgraph. which is better?

I use it online, so it need to be low latency, but Ggraph’s query language is not as friendly as SPARQL maybe.

I think your case would be @reverse Edges. Your Nodes would be interconnected infinitely via @Reverse indexing. (to each node)

I think Knowledge Graph is about relations (I don’t know too much about it, just guessing), all you need is @Reverse indexing (working like tags?). And fulfill your nodes with informations. You can relate everything and interconnect indefinitely.

From what I’ve been reading Neo4j is better than Virtuoso. And I think the Dgraph is better technically, but Neo4j seems more friendly for users. I believe that if you invest time in the Dgraph you will not regret it.

If you learn the syntax of Dgraph, that is very similar to GraphQL, You reach your goals. Everything gets easy.

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