Installing Windows binary and running instructions missing

I am doing a new install for a new demo on windows 10 and the download instructions for the binaries for windows 10 and 3 cli commands seem to be gone from the documentation. As I recall in my old demo the initial download was really simple and then I used 3 terminal windows to run 3 commands. I have searched through the documentation and discuss and can’t seem to find a a basic setup for windows without docker.

Does someone have a copy of the download & 3 command line instructions they could post here?

The setup for Windows is 99% similar to Unix systems. The only thing that doesn’t exists is that Windows can’t run bash scripts to install windows .exe files.

Download the binaries from the release page, and just run

dgraph.exe zero
dgraph.exe alpha --lru_mb 4096
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Thanks, this is what I needed to get the demo out yesterday and keep dgraph on the table.

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