Is it possible to read the rest of the data inside JWT

So when I add custom claims, I am able to read that in the auth rules but I need to copy some things inside of the custom claims which are already in JWT like the user id and the email.

I am using Firebase Auth here, I think I read somewhere that we can read any data that is inside of the JWT and not just the ones inside of the custom claims, but I’ve read so many docs in last couple of days that I am not able to recall where I saw that and failing to find an example of it either.

So, is it possible, is there an example ?



Thanks, that’s where I saw this.

good to know that the feature is merged in master already though.

Hi @amaster507 is this feature available on Dgraph Cloud? I tried the Todo example on Dgraph Cloud without using custom claims. The other fields don’t seem to be available.

I’m using a starter instance on Dgraph Cloud which is still on version 20.11 So I that’s why it’s not available