Lessons from Red Hat - SaaS over Support

Peter Levine’s cautionary tale of going down the path of the support model for open source. He’s lived through this experience and this is how he drives his point home:

To make matters worse, the more successful an open source project, the more large companies want to co-opt the code base. I experienced this first-hand as CEO at XenSource, where every major software and hardware company leveraged our code base with nearly zero revenue coming back to us. We had made the product so easy to use and so important, that we had out-engineered ourselves. Great for the open source community, not so great for us.

Highly recommends the SaaS model over the support model where the open source product is package as a service.

What this means to DGraph is that the platform would be open source and we need to figure out how to add services that are both substantial and differentiated.

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