Manish Jain - Serverless GraphQL with Slash GraphQL

Do you have any recommendations on how to do development work using this? I know this is very open ended… but should we do dev in a Docker container, on our Mac, etc?

Yup, I think a lot of people will be using this pattern, slowly moving one service at a time over to Slash GraphQL. We are currently working with apollo federation.

Glad you asked. Yes, all the front end apps are open sourced. You can see instructions on forking them here:


Personally? I develop with Slash. The free tier and command line means you can just spin up backends on a whim. So spin up a backend in the morning, keep applying a schema, and shut down in the evening.

if you already have a slash account, do you still get the 50k credits? I want to give it a go… Let me know if this is possible :slight_smile:

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Slash GraphQL is powered by Dgraph, so you can run dgraph locally if you’d like to. We wanted to make sure that you avoid vendor lock in if you ever want to move away, so there is no extra features that slash adds over open source Dgraph GraphQL (other than whatever it takes to manage it in the cloud).

But that said, I love to just work with Slash. The CLI lets you spin up a backend, and just use it.

This is amazing! Can’t wait to get my hands clean on this!
Thanks for the reply!

Great work Manish & Team!

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Yes, this is something we are currently working on! You can follow this for updates: Implement custom JS resolvers in GraphQL - #29 by amaster507

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I have tried Hasura once. There I need a separate db endpoint to set up the backend. But As per I have understood, I don’t have to care about db in slash graphql. I just need a schema and my backed is up and running. Am I correct?

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very informative, already singed up

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Is there any plan for new Slash GraphQL regions (espically East Asia)?

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And will Slash GraphQL have support for AWS GovCloud and Azure Government on the roadmap? This could be a relatively simple (ha!) offering but it would help adoption at many government organizations.

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Can we do file upload with dgraph and slash, like i want to add a pdf. What is the limit for such storage ?
Thank you.


We don’t support file upload with slash just yet. But the dev-jokes app does have an example where we upload files to s3, and just serve the links from Slash GraphQL. GitHub - dgraph-io/dev-jokes: Slash powered DevJokes Application

I am not sure if general purpose software vendors like us are allowed to operate in AWS GovCloud, but if we are permitted, we’ll be there for sure. We are however also figuring out a way to launch Slash GraphQL into your existing aws account, but I don’t have a timeline for this.

Yes, we plan to launch in multiple regions. Please contact us if you are looking to go to production soon, and are waiting on a particular region. is the right person to reach out to.

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Hi. We don’t currently support OVH cloud, and I don’t have a timeline for it either. However, Dgraph is available for self hosting, and all of the GraphQL functionality of Slash is available in the open source edition!

yup, just open a support ticket on ping @akashjain971. We’ll hook you up

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@gja can we save them as base 64 string

You could. And I think dgraph has some binary types as well. it definitely would work, but if you embed it in html, that might be slow.