New Alpha Node Stuck in "opRollup"

Hi There

So we had a situation where an Alpha node was missing data (although it was reporting that it was healthy etc); anyway, we thought the best way to deal with it was to remove it and re-add it - which we did.

However now that the Alpha has rejoined the cluster and servicing queries for the past 24+ hours, it’s health state is reported as this:

"ongoing": [

I’m wondering how long it will stay in this state, if it’s a risk or problem and if there is a manual step I need to perform?

Maybe you have a lot of data, deltas to be written. So this will take time.

Nope, just background tasks. The rollups can be paused(automatically) due any other important task. Rollups wait few minutes to start again. So this can increase the time this background task is goind to do the job.

Hum, no. I think just Bulkload can give you a cluster without such long period of rollups. But they will always run. It is just a background task that happens after any snapshot.