No input field null validation on non nullable fields

So I re-read the specs. I am trying to wrap my brain around why this package would exist.

  • According to graphql specs, a query should trigger an error if a null value exists on a field with !. We know dgraph does not do this, as we use @cascade to get around it. This is a separate issue, but needs to be looked at.
  • We know it does, however, throw an error when passing an argument to a variable with !, which works as expected.

So it seems the package exists to throw an error specifically when using add / update mutations, which is what we want. So, you are right. :shushing_face:

Like I said before, this still could be fixed with the right @auth directive (once you guys look at the field validation needs you can solve with very little coding by adding update-after).

We need to be able to implement the @nonNull directive in Dgraph Cloud, which would be on the Dgraph Team to do.

I am pro doing this.


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