No way to update facets attributes in a transaction

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I Want to Do

we have a relationship that has two qualifiers - status and isFavorite
Status indicates - the subscription status, isFavorite indicates if this is favorite
i would like to update these attributes independently

What I Did

we have tried updating both mutation but one overwrites other.
Understood this is the behavior of facets and every mutation need t read existing values and copy them , we tried to do upsert ,
It failed as the upsert mutation block ffor facets, cant use val function to read the variable values of query.

Dgraph Metadata

docker standalone

it looks like only option is to read values in separate transactions ( we use dgo) and then update them again,which is a painful process for such a subtle issue or I am missing something fundamental.
Can you please advice?

That’s how it works. There are two Facets tickets to change this behavior. But until there you have to deal with these modifications on your end, and send the solved part in the update mutation.

Here follows some tickets related

Cuz first you have to save the facets values on your end, and then add those values and the new one in the upsert. That’s the only way for now.

Sorry, there isn’t enough demand on Facets. So several other tickets with higher priority obfuscate it.