Option to gracefully remove a (undead) group

Say i have two groups of servers both running smoothly. If I feel like two groups are too much and want to remove one of them, is there a way to instruct dgraph to move all predicates of one group to the other and then remove the emptied group?
I can’t find anything related in the dock.
the /moveTablet?xxx doesn’t seem to fit this need since I can’t stop the auto-rebalancing from moving more tablets.

So, does anyone get what I’m saying?

You can turn off auto rebalancing with the flag and then use /moveTablet to move the predicates from one group to the other.

Right now there isn’t a way to remove the group. You can continue running with the single server and single group just fine, and Dgraph will serve requests from that single group even though there’s technically two groups in the system (with the second one being empty).

I have noted this as a request.