Play.dgraph.ip is down for https?

I can’t connect

It’s show ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED on every machine and network.

But can be connected.

Btw, I have try to connect dgraph server with “http”, But healthcheck show cors error response.

How can i use ratel dashboard on https or connect dgrahp server without https (using http) ?

Thanks for help.

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same for the helm charts:

Yep, they are working on it.

This Ratel and Chrome issue can be related. You need to run Ratel locally. Chrome like(and others) will block any request from local to web. And vice-versa.

What is your issue with Helm? This should be working

You can use some “insecure” param in Helm if it asks for certificate/TLS.

doesn’t work for me as well. Running locally doesn’t help, ratel cannot conntect to our dgraph instance

If you are using locally you have to run Ratel Locally too. Cuz Chrome will block any attempt to connect remotely.