Proposal Nested Object Filters for GraphQL rewritten as var blocks in DQL

So the Dgraph team is actively working on this since a few weeks ago. Hopefully it will be done right with speed enhancements and at least two children.

If that is the case, I personally don’t mind waiting.

GraphQL Competition

  • Hasura / - Provides it out of the box for PostgresSQL
  • MongoDb - does not provide it. If you think about it, you can see why not as a NoSQL database is everything but relational
  • Fauna - barely provides basic filtering, so does not provide it. Need to use FQL for relations.

So only one out of three of the most popular GraphQL platforms even support it. There are many other databases that can support it, neo4j i.e., but not out of the box. You have to write your own with something like As you can see, most databases that use GraphQL are SQL based, which means they will support the nested filters.

Our friends at Dgraph on the other hand, are writing this in Go, not typescript, so we know it will be super fast.

This is one of those features that makes a database a real option for real companies, versus a database to mess around with in your free time. We know under the hood this can be done.