Query based on eq() stopped working for one predicate

RAM, CPU, OS, if you’re using a cloud service, Dgraph version and all information you can give about that.

So, others are seeing this too…

Well, I’m doing a lot of things at the same time. I’ll have to sync all to work on this reproduction.

We are running a Dgraph cluster using k8s on AWS - it’s version 1.2 of Dgraph, there are 3 Zeros and 3 Alphas with such resources:

        cpu: 1
        memory: 1Gi
  fullnameOverride: intouch-graph-engine
        cpu: 100m
        memory: 200Mi

I have increased resources for Alphas to address some performance issues we had with our queueries (but this wasn’t related to this issue) as compared to the initial report

I did a local node to test what I understood from this issue. I’ll let it run at the weekend and see how it behaves. I can’t guarantee that I’m doing it right. Cuz I can’t see how I can do a reproducible test. I need concrete information to reproduce and push to the back-log a request to fix it. If it is reproducible.

As far as my test is running, I don’t see errors in eq() func. I have 1793547 nodes at this moment.

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I think the case here is that you must run Dgraph for a while, just import some initial set of data, leave the instance running for a few hours and check if eq based filter works after that time. I will try to simulate the same thing tomorrow.


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Hey @lukaszlenart,

Let me know if the issue still persists?

Looks like the problem is gone, but I’m still going to minitor it.

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