Release Notes v21.03.0 - Resilient Rocket

Hey Folks,

Dgraph Release 21.03 ( Resilient Rocket ) is available. As part of the 21.03.0 release we have introduced many improvements and major new features. Following sections provides information about what has been implemented as part of the release.

New Features


  1. Audit Logs
  2. Multi Tenancy
  3. Learner Nodes (Read Replicas)
  4. Change Data Capture


  1. Single manifest for Backups
  2. Vault for ACL secrets
  3. Flags Consolidation
  4. Loading files from S3/minio
  5. Leadership Metrics
  6. Transaction Metrics
  7. Support multiple JWK URLs
  8. GraphQL authorization using standard claim
  9. Apollo Federation
  10. GraphQL Upserts
  11. Custom DQL Subscription
  12. Multiple Unique ids
  13. Cascade with Pagination
  14. IN Filter for different data type
  15. Customer DQL with groupby
  16. Authorization: Bearer {token}
  17. Lambda(Web) hooks for add/update/delete mutations
  18. Subscription websocket with gzip
  19. @id with type Int
  20. Support for has filter on list of fields

Improvements and Fixes


  1. JSON parsing for GraphQL
  2. Simdjson improvements
  3. SinceTS improvement
  4. Backup manifest file consolidation

And many more performance and stability improvements. Details of which can be found in changelogs

Discontinued Features


  1. Schema Versioning and History
  2. Ratel Binary from the Dgraph Release Package

Known Bugs and Issues


  1. Ludicrous mode issues ( We have noticed ludicrous mode is a bit unstable when coming to few corner use cases, we are working on it to fix them quickly )

Important Notes

  • Upgrade to 21.03 from existing instances of Dgraph can be done using Backup/Restore or Export/Import features in Dgraph. Please refer to this page : Upgrades
  • “Flag consolidation” improvement has significantly changed the way Dgraph flags are configured. You can find useful information on this page : Super Flags

Useful Links


@hardik you probably already know this but the title has a version typo in it (v20.11.0 vs v21.03.0)


Thanks @iluminae. The title’s fixed now. We’re too excited :sweat_smile:


It looks like you guys killed it on this update… docs are already up-to-date, almost 30 changes! Nice! What is the ETA for Dgraph Cloud?





ETA for cloud is April 2021 end :slight_smile:


When I run wget && docker-compose up I’m seeing:

alpha_1 | Dgraph version : v20.11.0
alpha_1 | Dgraph codename : tchalla

Does it need to be updated?

What is up with the dropping Schema Versioning and History and how will this change things?

We were trying to store GraphQL schema history within Dgraph. It was complex and largely unused. So, we decided to remove that. Typically, schema versioning is something users would handle on their own.

If Dgraph Cloud users ask for this, this feature can be achieved from within the Cloud infrastructure.

I agree better versioned in the clients control. The backups have the schema though so restoring a backup would also include the schema at that point in time. #removeComplexity #makeRoomForBiggerThingsToCome

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Forgot to add that Ratel was removed everywhere. Why? What the real reason?

It was not production but testing\debugging ready tool. Now it’s complicated to run itself in all deployments and containers. Now it’s make fast-start work with dgraph more complicated

Hello @1Const1 , we wanted to simplify the Dgraph package and only group needed binaries in the release.
For the purpose of your usecase there are few ways you can still use Ratel easily

  1. Leverage which contains all the latest features in Ratel needed for 21.03.
  2. Build the binary using the script Ratel Build Instructions
  3. We would also be generating a Ratel binary on Ratel github repository for 21.03 which could be downloaded

I spun up Dgraph Cloud instance May 15, 2021 ($10/month shared plan) and it’s on v20.11.2. Any idea on timeline?

I’m really looking forward to standard claims and upserts!

They are a month behind on the Cloud ETA:

I would think new instances would be one of the first things they do since upgrading is a different process… I’m sure they’ve been concentrating on the upgrade process.


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