Server Overloaded with Pending Proposals


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So I was making test insertions to Dgraph (50K insertion per 10 seconds concurrent, using go client mutation) and alpha crashed with the error ‘Server Overloaded with Pending Proposals’. So I stopped the Go client and restarted the alpha and it is still trying to make insertions and the alpha crashes again with the same error. I think Dgraph queues the insertions and even if alpha crashes it does not lose the data after commit.

I opened the same issue on github too, I was told that I should try ‘dgraph live loader’ but I want to know what is causing this and how to prevent it since I am thinking about using Dgraph as our main DB in production

Thanks in the advance

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If you have a confirmed commit it will be there for sure.

Well without context I can’t help. Share all you can share in terms of logs, commands, configs, stats so on.


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