Should we do binary releases of Dgraph?

[ 2] Maybe that's something that we could look into.
[ 3] If we can somehow package rocksdb into a binary, that they can run.
[ 4] What does Cockroach do?
[ 5] Yeah I get the point about Docker. It’s really simple to use. But someone that doesn’t have Docker has to first figure out how to get it.
[ 6] What do you propose?
[ 7] Haven’t looked into Cockroach yet. But both Minio and Caddy have compiled binaries that make it easy to install and be up and running in 2 or 3 steps max.
[ 8] <>
[ 9] they do have a binary
[10] Yeah, we can do a binary as well.
[11] Ah yeah so 3 steps as well
[12] We need 2 or 3 steps.
[13] Assuming no Docker is installed
[14] We’ll have the Docker option too
[15] Also note that we're targeting devs at this stage.
[16] yeah, but if we can get a binary that would be super useful.
[17] sure
[18] Yes. Was wondering if we should expand a bit to front end devs, students, casual enthusiasts
[19] My bet is that it won't have such a big impact as you're probably expecting.
[20] And we should follow up with people who are trying to use it, there was a guy named fils

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