Signing off from Dgraph

I am leaving the Dgraph community. I can’t do it any longer. I have to move on and start getting my app rebuilt AGAIN :disappointed_relieved: The personal call yesterday with @fulsmita at Dgraph really confirmed a lot of my thoughts I have been having. I can’t build on empty promises that make me look bad passing along the same empty promises. I have to release. I will miss this community greatly! I wish all of you the best.

I learned a lot here and really developed a great additional skill-set which I value greatly. I made some great friends along the way and value each and every one of those personal connections. End of the day I need to be able to use a database that doesn’t need me. I know this may come across arrogant, but that is not the intention. I need to iterate on what I am building and can’t do that while trying to support the community. I have to find something more mature, stable, and supported.

Maybe Dgraph will mature and become over the next few years and I will be back? I came to Dgraph because it solved the problems I was having with the least work arounds. I am leaving because this is no longer the case for my projects. :wave: @Dgraph_Admin @core-devs @graphql


This is a huge loss for Dgraph Labs and Dgraph users. Anthony has helped so many Dgraph users with in-depth advice via blog posts, forum posts and Discord. As far as I’m aware he’s the only guy who achieved every Discourse Forum Badge, including ‘Devotee’ for visiting the forum for 365 consecutive days, and ‘Out of Love’ because he used 50 likes in a day!? :joy: Just yesterday Anthony helped a new Dgraph user who was about to give up and use something else—there were a few points where without Anthony’s expertise and help I would have given up on Dgraph.

This is a list of all the problems for which Anthony’s forum reply was marked as the solution, over 100! And given most solutions aren’t marked, Anthony has likely solved many more Dgraph support questions for people in the community. Anthony has always been quick to reply to any questions I posted on the forums and always had solutions—I would have been very stuck without Anthony, especially during the onboarding process.

Thanks for your massive contribution Anthony!

Best of luck with the rebuild process.



Huge, and hopefully temporary loss for the community. We’ll be sending links to @amaster507 comments for a long time to come. Best of luck to you and your project! Thank you so much for all your contributions


I’m going to quote what I said in discord.

Very sorry to see you go. You were definitely a lynchpin to the community at large. Very knowledgable and sometimes people like you are the reasons why a community exists or not. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Definitely will be a void that won’t be filled for a long time, if ever! We [and future registrants] will all be affected by this, until the end of the project!

  1. Started using & enjoying Dgraph
  2. Couldn’t figure out some Auth0 gotcha
  3. Couldn’t find anything helpful on Discuss or Google
  4. Opened an issue on Discuss
  5. Waited… being blocked… getting frustrated
  6. Found the Discord
  7. Asked for help
  8. 2 seconds later Anthony gives me some help :heart:
  9. Got unblocked and began enjoying Dgraph again. I suspect it would’ve been a day or two (if ever) for the Discuss post to get answered.

Just from seeing how active he is in Discuss/Discord, I imagine he has made Dgraph a much more pleasant experience for countless users. It’s a shame to lose someone like him.

I love this tech (graph db + graphql + performance + in the cloud = match made in heaven), but Dgraph’s investors really need to figure out what they’re doing and quick. It seems like the company is collapsing before our eyes. :confused:


@amaster507 thank you for the huge effort you have invested into Dgraph. For anyone who tried to pick up a new technology, the contributions of those that have tried before an invaluable.
Sharing learnings like you have lifts the game of all those who come after, and you deserve our gratitude.

You are not on your own in your decision, everyone else currently using Dgraph is in exactly the same situation. Please let us know which direction you choose.


this is a huge loss :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: thanks a lot for everything!!! you really helped me a lot!!! you helped us all a lot!!! thanks a lot for the time you invested in all of us to make us better devs!!! you were the reasons why many dgraph users even used dgraph, because you helped us onboarding through the difficult docs and answering anything!!! thanks a lot man you have my biggest respect!!!

imo companies should employ anthony with a 999k/year salary, because you would never find again such a devoted awesome wise man like anthony who puts so much passion into his love and work!!!

he was basically online 247!!! he answered any question, even if my question was dumb as hell!! this is a true passionship!! this is a true engineer!!! :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:




Thanks a lot mate for all of your help. I wish you the best


Hey, @amaster507 , We are really sorry to see you go. You’ve been a pillar of our community, and have helped solve 100s of questions for our community, and you will be missed. Though we can’t reveal more till the end of this month, we do want to assure people that we are building back the Dgraph team, and we hope to see you back someday!


What a huge loss. You’ve been one the best things dgraph had going for it, and I’m sure you were an important reason why a lot of people trying it out stuck with it. Thank you for all you’ve done for this community.


@amaster507 I also learned a lot from you and your responses to the community posts. Wish you luck man :crying_cat_face:


Recently came to Dgraph and loved a liked a lot of things I was seeing, Anthony helped me as he has done many others. I started building my app (a knowledge graph related to GDPR) with Dgraph but now I am embarking down the same path as Anthony before getting any more invested in Dgraph at this point in time. :frowning: . Maybe I’ll come back in the future.

Curious where you all are headed, I started to convert my app by doing a spike with Neo4j together with their graph library.

There is a feeling of graphql being bolted on in neo4j and there are still bugs in the library. But on the plus side it IS just a library, I can follow Apollo releases. Apollo studio is shaping up to be pretty awesome.

There are definitely drawbacks with Neo4j compared to Dgraph on paper, but the ecosystem around Neo4j is massive with loads of utilities, educational material, books and tutorials. The company seems to have their business together and a lot of active dedicated and community development.


Sad to see how this project went. It really had great potential but I saw the same thing that Anthony saw a few months ago. Dgraph just isn’t quite there yet but so close. If they would have delivered on what was promised it would have been great. But I have switched as well. I guess some people just got too greedy.

Thank you, Anthony! You were a great help while I was still using Dgraph!

If anyone wonders where I went. I went to Hasura which has been great so far. Maybe having a native graph db wasn’t actually such a great thing when sql is so mature. But then again I have only used the graphql part of dgraph and never actually looked at the real database. More energy should have been spend on the graphql part.


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