Slash GraphQL Release August 11 2020

Hi All,

We did a release of Slash GraphQL Today.

Release Name: The Visual Guide and Drop Data


  • You will now be able to use the Visual Schema Builder to build your schema. You will be able to move between text and visual interpretation of your schema as you build it.
  • You will now be able to drop all data in your database from the ‘Drop Data’ button in the settings page. This will only drop the data and not the schema.
  • To make it convenient for users, we have released Guided Mode. You will be able to start guided mode from the dashboard if you are creating your first database.

I can’t seem to switch to the Schema Builder after my current schema is fetched. I can switch to it before my schema is fetched, but it is empty.

Hey, can you share your schema?

This error is thrown if the schema is invalid. Are you able to submit the schema? If yes, the this is a bug.

Also FYI, schema builder currently only supports @id @search @hasInverse and @withSubscription.

I have @auth all throughout my schema, so if that is not supported yet that would explain it.

My schema does submit properly if I update it.

Hey @amaster507, can you personally DM me your schema? I would like to investigate this further. This seems to be a bug.