Split hdt dataset into small datasets

I have hdt dataset 12 go and I want to split it into small datasets with 1go.

Hey @Halima, we don’t support Turtle syntax. And we don’t have any function to split RDF. Just to store a custom RDF type we created.

I am not familiar with 1go, but there are a lot of tools to convert turtle to RDF. A nice thing about triples is that you can split them up any way you want in most formats, so simple command line tools can split up a (n-quad) RDF file.

Here is a go tool (if 1go is a typo for “go”) that processes turtle and converts it.

Note you’ll also have to take the RDF subjects and make them all blank nodes, then import with the “-xidmap” option using dgraph live loader so Dgraph can assign a fast, numeric ID and track the UID as a property of the nodes.

See docs on live loader and -xidmap here: Live import - Howto .