Stuck indexing

I seem to be stuck in a constant indexing cycle. I made updates to the schema and every time I run an alter command on the schema i’m getting:

rpc error: code = Unknown desc = errIndexingInProgress. Please retry

This has been indexing since last night (so maybe about 12 hours total). It does this in all of my environments (dev, staging, prod). Not sure why it gets stuck with indexing since there is no data for the new additions.

Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 10.31.32 AM

Hi @nodeworks, can you tell us the steps to reproduce? Also, can you try it with the latest master. I hope the latest master should work. Please do share the steps anyway, if that’s okay for you.

I believe I MAY know why. I will try the latest branch tonight but I think the issue perhaps is because i’m using Nginx as a load balancer in front of a few alphas. If I point the script to a specific alpha port directly then it seems to work fine. I’m wondering why that would be the case or maybe there is some configuration in Nginx that needs to be done to ensure it goes through correctly.

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