Testing for 20.07 Beta

Documenting all the tests that we are going to run (automated or manual but not including unit tests) specific to 20.07 first Beta release. Please comment or add what else we need.

  1. End to End test for Vault integration - Manual - Dgraph-1305
  2. Flock Tests
  3. Bank Tests
  4. Upgrade with migration tool (for Dgraph Internal Type changes). Upgrade from 20.03 and 2.1 releases. Jira ticket for the migration task: Dgraph-1617
  5. Limit testing (this will not get done before the first beta release). Dgraph-46

Iā€™m making this public to devs.

@LGalatin do you know if the @ashishgoswamiā€™s changes in Facets format will be in 20.07 release? Or before.

Those will go to 20.07.

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@LGalatin @MichelDiz we still have issues with facets when used with @normalze in few cases. I will be fixing it and adding tests for it.

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@ashishgoswami is this done?

I have fixed above issues. PRs are pending for reviews.

Based on the proposed Changelog for 20.07.0, here are the tests to be done:

  1. GraphQL
  2. Ludicrous mode
  3. Queries with val, expand, reverse index
  4. Online Restore