Ulimits for Production

So after much pain and anxiety due to Alphas getting out of sync with each other (missing data), the root cause is definitely a failure on our part to ensure correct ulimit settings.

I hope we have resolved our issue long term with the below config:

We run DGraph (as root) on VM’s running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS here is the config we have set for the Alphas:

Each host is 32 CPU’s and 128GB RAM (x3)


root soft nofile 1000001
root hard nofile 1000001
[email protected]:~> ulimit -n

Previously root ulimit was 1024.

Does this look appropriate?


Yes. It is what we recommend in the docs https://dgraph.io/docs/deploy/troubleshooting/#too-many-open-files-errors

Anyone using VM or Baremetal should do this.